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How to Avoid Bookmaker Restrictions

Let’s face the undeniable truth of the sports betting industry – every successful punter is bound to face account-related restrictions at some point of time, by the recreational bookmakers. It’s a natural side effect of winning in the sports betting industry. However, if you look at it differently, it’s a nice problem to have! Getting caught up in big money flows (when bookmakers are slashing aggressively post a tip leak), betting too high, disorganised or erratic behaviour can speed up such closure/restriction process.
All sports bettors having certain amount of success under their belt will undoubtedly make the most of their ability of making hay while the sun shines, for as long as possible, as it may get much harder for them to score any major wins post their account closures / restrictions, which is bound to happen at some point of time. Ideally, it’s best to learn about such restrictions well in advance, before their actual happening, so you can prepare for them well. However, you must learn from others’ experiences, and sharpen up your game.

Let’s go over some tips that can help you avoid such bookmaker restrictions:

If you’re constantly worried about restrictions on your sports betting account, it’s actually a good sign, as it indicates that you’re making money! However, it’s important to learn how you can postpone betting restrictions. The ideal way to go about it is by learning from others’ experiences. You can do your own research too, and discuss closures with other tipsters or punters, and read up about it at various betting forums. But please be aware that there is plenty of misinformation on this topic on the Internet, often posted by none other than the bookmakers themselves, who deliberately try to confuse punters.
A good way to avoid such restrictions for the longest possible time is by occasionally placing a lazy accumulator bet with the bookmaker. Placing a simple £ 20 accumulator bet on 10 different English Premier League matches on a certain weekend can protect your account from getting flagged by the bookie. Place a couple more £ 30 bets on markets like first goal scorer on any of the big English Premier League matches on the same weekend. Placing such bets will prevent any account flagging from bookmaker, enabling you to score potential long-term wins.
You should also bet on short-priced favourites and ensure that your bets are of reasonably good sizes. It’s better to save the betting underdogs for bookies like SBO or Pinnacle Sports. When you bet on short-priced favourites, you come across as any average punter who’s simply trying to bank on a sure possibility, rather than some shrewd pro sports bettor who’s trying to make the best of the betting odds.
You must also pay plenty of attention to your betting profile. It’s not advisable to bet precise amounts with any recreational bookmaker. For instance, if you regularly place £ 265 or £ 132 bets with a bookmaker, you’re most likely to get flagged as some shrewd sports bettor, or someone trying to bank on an arbitrage opportunity. Therefore, instead of placing a £ 132 bet, bet £ 100 or £ 150 instead. And, instead of betting £ 265, bet £ 250 or £ 300 instead. Although these may seem like small changes, they can certainly help you keep your account with the bookmaker.
Another important aspect you must keep in mind is the market profile that you’re betting on. To give you an example, if you wish to place a £ 3000 bet on a market that may possibly witness £ 12,000 bets in total (for instance, total corners in any English League Two game), you’d essentially be betting of whopping 20% of that particular market. Any such action is going to get your account monitored, and more likely restricted. However, if you place a £ 1000 wager on the possibility of Liverpool beating some relegation battler, despite it being a considerable amount, it is more likely to constitute a tiny percentage of the total bets taken for that game and market.

Don’t shelve your restricted account
In the event that your account gets restricted, but you can still access it, partially, it is highly advisable that you continue using it, placing bets that are acceptable to the bookmaker. You may sometimes be surprised how this strategy delivers great results! Obviously, you’ll lose a certain amount of time, but there’ll be learnings as well. It is often seen that bettors are able to place decent-size wagers on some profitable Premier League games, despite being restricted by recreational bookmakers. In fact, some people have reportedly placed even £ 100 bets using their restricted accounts (which were restricted for some very serious reasons). Please keep in mind that a restricted sports bettor account doesn’t mean that it’s the end of betting for you in the sports betting world.
However, prevention is always better than cure. Hence, your focus should always be to avoid such restrictions or closures in the first place.

Avoid using pseudo counts
We’d like to highlight a very important point here, before closing this write-up. Whatever you do, you should never use pseudo accounts for placing sports bets. If at all you choose to do so, please note that there can be serious legal implications of this. In case you still wish to go ahead, do it only after thoroughly understanding its possible effect/s on your betting accounts (from legal perspective). A pseudo account is basically an account that you ask other people to open on your behalf, in their name, which goes against the bookmaker rules.